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Al-Faisal warns: Saudi Arabia will not support Egypt forever

February 12, 2014 at 3:34 pm

In an interview with Fox News, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal said the Kingdom has helped Egypt both before and after the revolution. Following the deposition of President Mohammad Morsi, Saudi offered huge financial sums to help Egypt overcome the country’s political crisis and crippling economic recession.

However Faisal added that, “Every beginning has an end. Saudi Arabia offered grants and loans to Egypt, but will not continue to support it forever. Therefore, the Egyptian government must quickly find a solution to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in order to obtain a loan. We cannot support Egypt forever.”

Meanwhile Hatem Azzam, Vice President of the Wasat Party in Egypt and General Coordinator of Addameer National Front, sent a letter to Al-Faisal saying: “Keep your hands and your heads away from Egypt. You never supported Egypt before or after the revolution; rather you have supported and financed the military coup to ensure the deposition of Egypt’s elected President and to thwart Egypt’s dream of democracy and the Egyptian revolution.”

Azzam said in a statement that Al-Faisal’s remarks to Fox News yesterday are an affront to Egyptians and unacceptable: “Al-Faisal has dared to insult Egyptians’ dignity in front of the world. Saudi Arabia must apologise for Al-Faisal remarks. The Arabian Kingdom must [also] denounce the coup that wasted the Egyptians’ dignity.”

Azzam added: “We did not seek your assistance during the revolution. You have supported the coup fearing the revolution’s success will become an example. We do not want your hands or your heads. We want you to keep your hands and heads off Egypt.” Azzam also stressed that the Egyptian people will complete their revolution and recover their dignity while the Saudi money will go down the drain.

We are currently awaiting confirmation from FOX News about the statements made in the interview