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Ex-Fatah thug plots conflict between Gaza and Egypt

February 13, 2014 at 2:56 am

Informed sources in Egypt have revealed that former Fatah thug Mohamed Dahlan is plotting a major conflict between Gaza and the Egyptian army. The Dubai-based Dahlan is being backed by a number of Gulf States, which supported the coup in Egypt, and Israel. It is alleged that security officers from the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah are also involved.

According to the sources, Dahlan has reconnected with armed groups in the Sinai Peninsula and has paid them huge amounts of money to be involved in the scheme. The bandits have been paid to target Egyptian army and police stations and checkpoints, especially in places near to Gaza, so that the Hamas-led government in the Gaza Strip can be blamed.

According to the plan, the sources claim, the Egyptian army is to be provoked into carrying out a widespread military operation in Sinai with the full agreement of the Israelis. The army and the Israelis will then have a stranglehold on the Gaza Strip and be in a position to impose even stricter punitive measures on the people and government.

The fact that Egyptian apache helicopters flew over Gaza last Friday proves the veracity of the claims, say the sources, who asked to remain anonymous. The Israeli occupation authorities have never before allowed Egyptian aircraft to overfly the occupied Palestinian territories.

Dahlan’s involvement is known only to the high-ranking officers on his payroll, it is alleged. The assassination attempt against Major General Ahmed Wasfi in the Sinai town of Rafah, near the border with Gaza, was a warning to dissenters by the army leadership. The general had started to reveal information about the plan because, it is claimed, he was disturbed by the coup against President Morsi and is angry with the army leadership.

It is claimed that the anti-Palestinian campaign in the media is part of Dahlan’s scheme, imposed as an attempt to tighten the siege on the Gaza Strip. Mohamed Dahlan was behind the US and Israel-funded armed coup against the elected Hamas government of Palestine in 2007 which led to bloodshed on the streets of Gaza and the expulsion of Fatah from the territory.