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Jewish settlers damage cars, draw racist graffiti in Palestinian village

Jewish settlers have damaged a number of cars in a Palestinian village to the west of Jerusalem and scrawled racist graffiti on houses. The tyres of 28 vehicles were slashed in the attack.

The residents of Abu-Gosh woke up to find the damaged cars and graffiti such as "Death to Arabs, Arabs Out" and "Price Tag". The village is surrounded by illegal Israeli settlements.

The Islamic movement in Israel condemned the attacks by the Price Tag group. In a statement, the movement recounted a number of attacks and reminded people about last week's attack on the Orthodox Christian Cemetery in Jaffa and the racist graffiti written on the home of the Arab judge in Tel Aviv District Court.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision not to classify the Price Tag group as a terrorist entity was also condemned. "His decision encourages more bloodshed against Palestinians wherever they are," said the movement's spokesman. "We have no choice but to protect ourselves against settler attacks, especially our places of worship, because the Israeli government doesn't want to protect us." Netanyahu has labelled Price Tag as a "forbidden organisation", liable to stricter legal procedures.

A number of young Jewish settlers formed the Price Tag group to act against Palestinians, whom – bizarrely they claim took their land, as well as against their own government. They carry out attacks repeatedly against Palestinians, and believe that they embarrass the Israeli government by their violence.

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