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Netanyahu suspends concerns about Iran to follow up Egyptian coup

February 13, 2014 at 2:02 am

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have frozen his concerns about Iran’s nuclear programme in order to give himself time to follow up the military coup in Egypt, Hebrew language radio station Reshet Beit said on Thursday.

“What currently tops Netanyahu’s agenda is only the Egyptian issue,” the radio reported. “He has phoned US president Barak Obama, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Hollande several times during the past week asking them not to hesitate in supporting the [Egyptian] army.”

The radio reported that Netanyahu has issued orders to Mossad chief Tameer Bardo and military intelligence chief Afif Kofakhi to discuss the issue of supporting the coup in Egypt when they speak with their counterparts in the West. “Bardo has already done it,” the reporter claimed. Israel’s ambassadors have also been asked to use diplomatic channels to persuade governments around the world to back the interim government in Cairo.

According to the Israeli radio station, Netanyahu’s most important achievement in this respect took place in America. “After some voices were heard in the US Congress against the coup, Netanyahu moved quickly, after which Congressmen demanded the White House to give a clearer stance in supporting the coup.”