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Egypt arrests a Sinai-based spy network working for Israel

February 15, 2014 at 1:28 pm

The Egyptian security forces in northern Sinai have arrested a spy network working for Israel that includes Egyptians and Palestinians.

The main suspect had been monitored for a period of 4 months, during which he moved frequently between Cairo and North Sinai. His phone conversations, which he conducted with many of the contacts he was dealing with, were recorded. The suspect admitted that he provided Israel with military information.

The security forces have arrested the main suspect in this network, an Egyptian citizen based in Rafah, who has given information on eight other members of the same network.

On the other hand, the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi said that he is planning a cabinet reshuffle.

In an interview that he conducted with Al-Jazeera satellite channel on Saturday evening he said: “We are keen on dealing with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the international institutions to achieve the interests of the Egyptian people.” He continued, “We decide on what would be in the interest of the Egyptians and what would not.”

He added, “With full transparency, we seek, using our tools and with clear, public amendments, changes, and programs, to achieve the Egyptians’ interests. These programs and tools are not in accordance with what the IMF requires”.

“I’m not subjected to conditions from the inside or from the outside. My only condition is to achieve the interests of the Egyptian people.”

Morsi refused to describe the failure to reach an agreement with the IMF as a “failure” and said, “The IMF has its tools, methods and programs, and we, in Egypt, have our tools and programs.”