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Egyptian newspaper "cooperates with Fatah to spread false info about Hamas"

February 15, 2014 at 1:27 pm

Egypt’s Al-Watan newspaper has, it is alleged, been cooperating with Fatah in the dissemination of false information about the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas. It has been claimed that one of Al-Watan’s competitors, Al-Ahram, pulled the story from its morning edition on Thursday after it was ready to reveal the extent of intelligence cooperation between its rival and Fatah.

The claims have been made by the chief editor of Middle East News Agency, Abdul-Wahed Ashour, who said that the newspaper and Fatah have been trying to spread accusations about Hamas to discredit the movement and the Muslim Brotherhood; President Mohamed Morsi is also alleged to be a target of the propaganda.

“The document [held by Al-Ahram],” tweeted Ashour, “is completely true; it has been in their hands for several days and discussed by the editorial board.”

According to Ashour, “When Hamas announced that Al-Watan had received money from Fatah, I said that it should be made public.”

Earlier this week, Al-Watan claimed that Qatar prevented its correspondent from covering the meeting of the Arab League in Doha. Ashour revealed that he heard this story while Al-Watan correspondent Sayyed Jobeel was sitting beside him in Doha.

“I was surprised when I heard that news,” tweeted Ashour. “It is worth mentioning that Al-Watan published a report about the Arab League meeting prepared by Sayyed Jobeel in Doha.”

Kuwait’s Alaan newspaper reported that Kuwaiti media and journalists expressed their anger over the “Doha ban claim” published by Al-Watan, which is supported by the Kuwaitis.