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Israel forces force Palestinian to demolish his own home

February 15, 2014 at 1:25 pm

Israel’s Municipality of Jerusalem has forced a Palestinian citizen to demolish their own home which was located in the Occupied Old City of Jerusalem.

The demolition order against the home was issued by an Israeli court on the grounds that that building had been constructed without a permit.

The Jerusalemite citizen, Dauod Said, said that he began demolition of his 60-meter-squared home in Bab Hatta on Monday to avoid it being demolished by Authorities of the Occupation who would have charged him demolition costs in the region of 80,000 shekels (more than $21,000 US).

He added that he had built his home more than 11 years ago without a legal construction permit because Authorities of the Occupation refuse to issue permits to Palestinian citizens in the occupied city. Said noted that he had recently paid 32,000 shekels ($8.500 US) to file an appeal at an Israeli court against the decision to demolish his home, but that his appeal was denied.

“After my home was demolished, my family had no choice but to live in a tent on the rubble,” said Said, and expressed concerns that the Municipality of Jerusalem may impose further fines on him.