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Al-Nahda Party won't attend Mediterranean Union meeting with Israeli presence

February 17, 2014 at 11:16 pm

The Al-Nahda bloc in Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly has said that its members won’t participate in the meetings of the Parliamentary Committee of the Union for the Mediterranean alongside an MP from Israel. Such participation would, claimed Al-Sahbi Atteq, “help to normalise relations” with Israel and this they would not do “under any circumstances”.

The announcement follows the withdrawal on Saturday of the Moroccan Justice and Development Party bloc in protest against the presence of the Israeli in the Union for the Mediterranean meeting. Its members have demanded an investigation into how an Israeli MP was given a visa to enter Morocco.

The Moroccan Association for Support of the Palestinian Struggle and the National Working Group to Support Iraq and Palestine issued a statement calling for the deportation of the Israeli MP and condemned “all forms of normalisation [with Israel] and the betrayal of the Moroccan people”.
The Foreign Ministry in Rabat has denied any responsibility for allowing the Zionist MP to enter country.