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Central Elections Committee in the West Bank completes training course


The Central Elections Committee held a graduation ceremony on Thursday for representatives of political parties and mass media personnel in the West Bank after their completion of its training course.

Representative of the Committee, Hanna Nasser, confirmed that the course was intended to build the capabilities of young people from the various Palestinian parties and mass media and enable them to conduct the elections in the best manner. He emphasised the necessity of holding general elections in both sides of the Palestinian territories.

The Elections Committee acting in accord with the Doha reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah had started updating elections records in the Gaza Strip last month. The process was however suspended by the Hamas authorities who claimed that the agreement stipulated it be conducted concurrently with the West Bank. They pointed out that such a deviation from the letter of the agreement would open the doors to irregularities.

MEMO Photographer: Ibtehal Mansour

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