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Egyptian intellectual says revolutions are creating a paradigm shift in Arab politics

February 17, 2014 at 11:14 pm

A leading Egyptian intellectual and political commentator has said that the Arab revolutions open the way for the birth of a new political era and paradigm shift in which the Arabs are beginners. Fahmi Howeidi added that although this shift means that Islamists now find themselves facing the possibility of governing, a new experience for most, the characteristics of this new era will be much better than the years of political obstruction and tyranny.

“I believe that there is no need to fear the fact that Islamists are not experienced in governance,” said Mr Howeidi, “as all groups standing for office are relative beginners in politics because of the nature of what has gone before.” However, he pointed out, political and electoral experiences are not particularly new for Tunisians and Egyptians: “Taking a risk on this is better than retreating.”

Mr Howeidi believes that the Arab revolutions are creating new freedom, but he denied that they will have negative repercussions on the Palestine cause or resistance. “I have heard from the resistance leaders that the Arab revolutionary objective of freedom is part of the process for freeing the Arab will,” said Howeidi, “and they are confident that this will serve the Palestine cause.”