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General Guide of Muslim Brotherhood calls all political forces to dialogue on Egypt's future

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

On Tuesday, February 21, Dr Mohamed Badee’, the General Guide of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, called on all political forces, parties and intellectuals in Egypt to come together to talk about the country’s future at the Brotherhood’s headquarters in the south of Cairo.

After giving his vote in the second phase of the Shura Council Elections on Tuesday, February 14, Dr Badee’ explained that this request was intended to complete the “Dialogues for Egypt” series organized by the Brotherhood pointing out that “the debate is open to everyone without any distrust or exception towards anyone.”

He also stressed that the Brotherhood’s declaration about their willingness to form a coalition government was made to “ensure that the Brotherhood doesn’t escape its responsibility towards the Egyptian people who trusted it”, adding that the Brotherhood is under the command of the people and will meet all its needs at any time”.

Dr Mohamed Badee’ confirmed that the Brotherhood had the ability to form a coalition government whenever needed, saying that the “Muslim Brotherhood has adequate resources to form a government and we are capable of running state affairs.”

He also stated that, “There is no force or nation that could impose its will on the people, because the people now own their rights in all the affairs, and reject any external guardianship, be it through financial aid or political intervention.”