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Hamas chooses its leadership inside Israeli jails

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has chosen the members of its High Leadership Committee inside Israel's jails through a democratic process. Details have been provided by the Ahrar Centre for Prisoners' Affairs.

Researcher Adnan Al-Khefish said that Adnan al-Sayyed was elected chairman of the Committee; his vice-chairman will be Mahmoud Isa. The other committee members are Sheikh Jamal abul-Haijaa, Ibrahim Hamid, Hassan Salamah, Mohammed Sabha, Motasem Samara, Mohand Shoreem, Bajes Nkhlah, Mahmoud Shoraiteh, Jamal al-Hour, Moneer Mer'e, Islam Jarrar and Mohammed Arman.

According to Mr Al-Khefish, most of the committee members, including the vice-chair, are youth and have been released recently from solitary confinement. Al-Khefish also said that most were also leaders of the hunger strike earlier this year which led to the release of all prisoners from solitary confinement except Derar abu Sisi, who was kidnapped by Israel's spy agency Mossad from the Ukraine last year.

Hamas, said the Ahrar Centre, has held these elections annually for the past five years to choose the High Leadership Committee for the prisoners. The process begins with 360 members being chosen for the General Committee using specific criterion to decide on membership; that committee then chooses 51 members for the General Shura (Consultative) Council. It is from this group that the 15 members of the High Leadership Committee are chosen. While the chair and vice-chair are elected positions, the other portfolios are assigned according to individual ability.

Mr Al-Khefish praised this unique practice which is conducted by the Hamas prisoners each year and said: "Such behaviour reflects the degree to which Palestinians are well-organised and support democratic systems."

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