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Hamas parliamentary delegation heads to Switzerland on first official visit

MPs from the Hamas Movement's Change and Reform Block have set out from Gaza on an official visit, the first of its kind, to Switzerland since the Movement's victory in parliamentary elections six years ago. The Swiss International Parliament extended an official invitation to the Movement to participate in discussions on various key issues, most important of which is the Israeli detention of Palestinian MPs.

Palestinian sources have reported that the parliamentary delegation left the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. The delegation consisted of three MPs namely, Dr. Khamis Al-Najjar, Mr Sayed Abu Musameh, and Mr Musheer Al-Masri.
Announcements of the Hamas visit sparked outrage amongst members of the Jewish lobby in Switzerland, which called for protests to be held on the Saturday when the Palestinian deputies are due to arrive in Geneva.
It is worth mentioning that MP Musheer Al-Masri heads the international committee for the defence of the Palestinian parliamentary representatives being imprisoned in Israeli jails.

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