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Haniyeh discusses prisoners with Egypt

Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has spoken to senior Egyptian officials to brief them on the up-to-date condition of Palestinians on hunger strike in Israeli jails. He asked the unnamed officials to take serious steps to end the prisoners' suffering.

Cairo is, Mr. Haniyeh was told, awaiting a response from Israel on the issue. They expect an agreement to be reached "soon" which will bring the matter to a close.

Mr. Haniyeh also spoke to the sister of hunger striker Samer Al-Issawi to update her on the latest progress and contact with the Egyptians. Describing the prisoner issue as a "national priority" for his government, Haniyeh said that bringing it to an end is a "major responsibility" on him personally.

A number of Palestinian prisoners have been on hunger strike in Israeli jails for several months. Samer Al-Issawi from Jerusalem has been sick for weeks because of his lengthy protest. Earlier this week, the Israeli military court postponed his appeal against administrative detention.

Ayman Al-Sharawneh, meanwhile, has been on hunger strike for 210 days. He has been transferred to the clinic at Al-Ramleh Prison after he stopped taking liquids and his condition deteriorated severely.

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