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Islamic Action Front denounce Israeli attack against Sudan

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

The Islamic Action Front (IAF) in Jordan has denounced Israel’s bombing of a munitions factory in Sudan. In carrying out this attack, the organisation pointed out, “Israel has broken international law and conventions”.

Following the bombing earlier this week, the IAF labelled Israel “a real danger” to world peace and “a threat to international safety and stability”. The Front called for an effective “deterrent” and “common defence plan” for Arab countries in the face of such aggression by the Israelis.

“Any attack against an Arab country should be taken as an attack against all Arabs,” the IAF statement said. “A reaction to attacks by the Israelis is a must otherwise they will continue their aggression against Arabs unabated.” Sudan, the statement continued, has a right to respond.

The IAF called for the international community to denounce Israel for the bombing. “Attacks like this could not be carried out unless Israel is sure of unquestioned international backing and an American veto at the UN.” The veto, added the IAF, encourages Israel to break the law.