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Palestine question won't be resolved through imposition of facts on the ground

Qatar's permanent representative to the United Nations has said that the Palestine question is central for Arabs and Muslims, and noted that it will not be resolved through the use of force or by imposing facts on the ground.

Sheikh Mishaal Bin Hamad Al Thani told the UN Security Council General Debate on the Situation in the Middle East that the ball is in Israel's court to take steps toward peace. He called on the Security Council to implement real measures towards resolving the Palestine issue by pressuring the Israeli government to implement policies leading to a negotiated peace, with a permanent and comprehensive solution. This should be in accordance with the well known basics which are included under the umbrella of the two-state solution.

Doha's representative added that Qatar supports wholeheartedly all diplomatic efforts to achieve a solution for the crisis in Syria through an inclusive process that includes Syrians from all factions and guarantees rights for all.

He called on the Security Council to use all possible means to help and protect the Syrian people, but stressed the importance of preserving Syrian sovereignty and independence, as well as national and regional unity.

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