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The Arab League calls on South Sudan to return its troops to recognised borders

The General Secretariat of the Arab League has expressed its alarm over the aggravated situation between the Republic of Sudan and the newly formed Republic of South Sudan. The League's "deep" concern follows the recent military attack by Southern forces against Sudan's oil-rich Heglig region.

A communique from the Arab League appealed to both states to resolve their differences through dialogue. "The General Secretariat requests that military forces from South Sudan return to the recognised international borders between the two countries and appeals to both Sudanese parties to contain this crisis by adopting peaceful means; by implementing signed agreements; respecting international norms and charters; ending all forms of hostility; and returning immediately to negotiations toward a peaceful resolution to outstanding issues."

The Arab League confirmed its continued diplomatic efforts, in conjunction with the United Nations and the African Union, to contain the situation and work towards a peaceful resolution to all outstanding issued between the two countries.

Source: Cairo – Quds Press Service

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