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Tunisia confirms international slowdown in recovery of looted funds

February 17, 2014 at 11:18 pm

The Governor of the Tunisian Central Bank and Chairman of the Committee for the Recovery of Looted Funds Abroad, Mustafa Kamal El-Nabli, has expressed his displeasure at the slowdown in many countries dealing with the portfolio for the recovery of the stolen millions.

During a hearing of the National Assembly’s Committee for Finance, Planning and Development on Tuesday, El-Nabli is quoted as saying, “Tunisia has done the judicial work needed from its side for retrieving the looted money by issuing prosecution notices to the concerned authorities abroad, but our overseas counterparts have not done their duty in full.”

Judicial cooperation between Tunisia and the countries concerned, he added, are moving in the right direction “but there is a slowdown with a clear purpose”.

El-Nabli explained that political statements and the reality in practical terms do not match the requirements for the recovery of the looted funds. He stressed that Tunisia protested strongly about this intended slowdown and the lack of judicial cooperation during a workshop on this issue organised by the Tunisian government in Brussels.