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Tunisia's president pledges support for Palestinian rights

A high-ranking human rights delegation from the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory began an official visit to Tunisia on Tuesday 10th January. They presented President Al Moncef Al Marzouki with copies of international human rights reports into Israeli violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and expressed hope that Tunisia would play a greater role in supporting Palestinian rights in line with international humanitarian law.

A press statement released on by the Euro-Med Observatory stated that during a meeting with Al-Marzouki, the Tunisian president pledged that post-revolution Tunisia would intensify its support for the Palestine cause in the international arena.
According to the press release, Al-Marzouki supported the Observatory's plan to establish a regional office in Tunis, which would lead human rights activism in North Africa. Al-Marzouki described the step as an important move toward enhancing the culture of human rights in the region.

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