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America has to consider its interests in the region with a vision says Fatah

The Fatah movement has called on the US to consider its interests in the Arab world with a vision, asking it to side with international law and international legitimacy instead of siding with Israel, "which moves toward ruining the peace process".

In a press release issued by Fatah's Office of Information and Culture, the group stated, "America's use of the veto against a resolution denouncing Israeli settlement activity on Occupied Palestinian Territories would be a clear violation of the principles of freedom and democracy, and the will of the international community; and it will also violate the essence of President Obama's Cairo speech."

The press release also stated that Fatah looks forward to an Arab stance that supports the Palestinian leadership's efforts by working toward a Security Council resolution that will condemn and criminalise all settlement activities that have taken place on the Palestinian territories since 1967. The resolution, says Fatah, should also consider settlement activity to be a clear violation of international law, with no legitimacy at all. Fatah considers the policies pursued by Netanyahu's cabinet to be a systematic process for destroying the peace process through an insistence on reinforcing settlement occupation and racial discrimination, and its complete rejection of taking international law and legitimacy as a frame of reference for negotiations.

Fatah stressed that the movement deems the US objection to the Palestinian Authority's resort to the Security Council to be "an obstacle to the peace process and in clear contradiction of international law and legitimacy". Israel, added the press release, "will use this American objection to move forward with executing its settlement plans and its racist policies against our people."

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