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Hamas claims elections without national consensus "serves Israeli interests"

February 20, 2014 at 3:31 pm

The Islamic Resistance Movement has renewed its refusal to hold local elections without a national consensus. Describing such a “unilateral decision” as being in the interests of the Israeli occupation authority, Hamas said it would weaken the Palestinian people.

In a statement issued on 9 February, the Palestinian faction which won the previous elections in the occupied territories said: “The attempt to hold elections under the internal terrorism and exclusion of the government of Abbas-Fayyad carried out against their political opponents will ensure that they will lack legitimacy and credibility.”

The Hamas spokesman continued, “Following the scandal of the leaked documents regarding the shameful negotiations with the Zionist state, Abbas and Fayyad are trying to provide cover for their crimes against the rights and national concerns of the Palestinian people.” The Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority is, Hamas claims, “acting as if nothing has happened while thinking that such non-national movements will deceive the Palestinians and distract them from the PA’s illegal behaviour.”

Hamas called upon Abbas and Fayyad to retract the election decision and review their “oppressive” policies. The PA President and Prime Minister in Ramallah, and their Fatah movement, will be held accountable, says Hamas, for the “serious repercussions which will reflect negatively on Palestinian unity and the future of Palestine”.