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Israeli forces seize control of territory in Anin near the Apartheid Wall

February 20, 2014 at 3:32 pm

On Thursday 14 April, Israeli occupation forces confiscated a large area of land from the village of Anin in the Jenin governorate of the northern West Bank; they then levelled it, and erected two control towers.
Palestinian eyewitnesses said that a large force of Israeli troops, accompanied by bulldozers and heavy machinery, stormed the village of Anin and started razing vast areas of land located along the Apartheid Wall, which is built on territory belonging to the village.

The occupation forces have constructed two surveillance towers, believed to be part of the system for monitoring the movement of Palestinian civilians in the vicinity of the wall.
About a month ago, the Israeli occupation authorities seized control of more than six hundred acres owned by the people of Anin and other villages in east Jenin to expand the Apartheid Wall. The immoral and illegal wall extends from the east and west of Jenin and up to the south-west of the city.