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Jordanian campaign calls for Arab League action against Israel's Apartheid Wall

February 20, 2014 at 3:29 pm

The National Jordanian Campaign against the Apartheid Wall has called upon the Arab League to take immediate action about Israel’s “security barrier” which is still being built across the occupied West Bank. The campaign is also demanding a debate on the implications of Israel building on the land expropriated between the route of the Wall and the old 1948 armistice “Green Line”.

In a statement sent to Quds Press, the campaign – whose members include trades unions, political parties and independent political figures – called on the Arab League to push the UN General Assembly to convene a special session under the current slogan “Uniting for Peace”, at which the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories vis-a-vis the Wall can be discussed by the international community.

The campaign regards US opposition to the judgement by the International Court of Justice that the Wall should be dismantled as a major factor in encouraging the Israelis to proceed with building the Wall and further illegal settlements on occupied territory. The statement was issued on the sixth anniversary of the Hague-based court’s judgement on the Apartheid Wall, and it urged the Palestinian Authority to support and further develop popular resistance initiatives to strengthen them in the face of Israeli pressure.