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Settlers call for war against the Palestinians and attack a mosque near Haifa

Jewish settlers are believed to be responsible for entering a mosque near Haifa and daubing racist graffiti on the walls. The Omar Ibn El-Khattab Mosque was broken into on Tuesday night. The damage was discovered by Shaikh Mohammed Omrayah when he attended dawn prayers on Wednesday, 9 June. Palestinian sources in Israel said that the settlers daubed graffiti on the walls and cars parked near the mosque, drawing the Star of David and racist slogans. Buildings were also damaged and the cars had their tyres slashed.

"We came at dawn for morning prayers," said Shaikh Omrayah, "and were surprised to find racist slogans written in Hebrew; 'This mosque must be destroyed', for example, and calls for an all-out war against the Palestinians in the West Bank."

This abuse is now common across Palestine and is part of what the settlers call "paying the price".

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