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The Palestinian Authority Betrayed Their People

February 28, 2014 at 11:26 am

The UN’s Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Palestinian territories Professor Richard Falk has yesterday described the decision of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to defer the vote on the Goldstone Report in the Human Rights Council as disappointing. Falk said he was astonished by the conduct of the PA which can only be described as treacherous.

Falk said the information which he received confirmed that the PA had succumbed to Israeli and American pressure for several reasons, noting that ‘no pressure was exerted on the PA from the Arab or Islamic countries.’

Speaking in Washington yesterday Falk said the PA which was supposed to represent the Palestinian people has rescued Israel from certain indictment for the war crimes which it perpetrated in the Gaza Strip by deferring the vote on the report.

He said he was astounded that the Palestinians should themselves rescue Israel from this corner which it placed it self. Among the justifications given for the postponement of the vote was the Americans and Israelis threatened to cut some of the funding for the PA and that the Benyamin Netanyho threatened that the use of the report would kill the peace process.

Falk said the manner in which the PA dealt with the issue conveys the impression that this authority is incapable of protecting the interest of the Palestinian people who now faced a crisis of representation.

The UN diplomat said that it is important that a new government which enjoyed credibility among the Palestinians be formed, as this is not the case at present. He added that there are at present elected representatives of the Palestinian people who are prevented from performing duties.