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Prominent Saudi sheikh denounces incitement campaign against Hamas

The Assistant Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Salman Fahd Al-Awdah, has denounced the incitement campaign being waged by some Arab mass media against the Palestinians and especially targeting the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas.

In a speech in Riyadh, Al-Awdah said: "Certain mass media have been inciting against our Palestinian brothers, portraying Hamas and [the Palestinians in] Gaza as enemies. At the same time, we do not hear any word mentioning hostility towards the Zionist Israeli occupation."

Al-Awda acknowledged that there may be differences with Hamas, but that does not justify the attacks against the movement. "You can bear a different view with Hamas as you want, but you have to bear in mind that they are your brothers," he remarked, directly addressing the Arab mass media.

He continued: "If you lost your closest relatives, who would stand with you?" He warned that this campaign by the Arab mass media is "disastrous", and warned of going any deeper in describing Hamas as an enemy.

Sheikh Al-Awda, who is a prominent Saudi opposition figure, added: "There is a difference between someone who is ready and waiting for the appropriate moment to attack you," referring to the Israeli occupation, "and the one who only moves to protect himself," meaning Hamas.

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