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Hamas denies claims of relationship with Dahlan

The Islamic resistance movement Hamas has denied claims of having any relationship with former Fatah member Mohammed Dahlan.

Dr Mousa Abu Marzouk, a leading member of Hamas's political bureau, wrote on his Facebook page that the movement does not have any relations with Dahlan and stressed that Hamas does not interfere in Fatah's internal affairs. Abu Marzouk pointed out that a visit to Gaza by top leaders of Fatah who are also known for their close ties to Dahlan, Majed Abu Shamala, Sufian Abu Zaida and Alaa Yaghi, aims to facilitate Palestinian reconciliation. "Hamas is responding to the demands of the president of the reconciliation delegation, Azzam Al-Ahmad, with regards to Dahlan in Gaza," Abu Marzouk added.

He also explained that the most prominent issues to discuss with Fatah are: the ongoing peace negotiations, US Secretary of State John Kerry's proposed framework agreement, the future of the Palestinian cause and Palestinian reconciliation. He added that Hamas hopes Fatah will stop its security measures against the movement and its supporters in the West Bank, as well as advise its newspapers to stop their incitement campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

Abu Marzouk welcomed the Fatah Central Committee members' visit to Gaza and expressed his hope that the meeting will lead to ending their internal disagreements, so that the parties can focus better on the Palestinian cause.

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