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Libyan justice minister criticises security situation in Derna

April 5, 2014 at 4:01 pm

Libya’s Minister of Justice Salah Bashir Margani said on Thursday that the various factions in Derna, a port city in eastern Libya, have clashed due to their contradicting ideologies, religious and national views, resulting in violent actions including bombings and assassinations, the latest of which was the assassination of Judge Abdul Aziz Al-Husadi, the former Attorney General.

Margani pointed out that: “The parliament issued a statement nearly two months ago declaring the Islamic Sharia to be the supreme source of law in the country and higher than the constitutional laws. The ministry of justice has also issued a statement explaining the public’s rights and freedoms according to the Islamic Sharia and the status of judges.”

“I appeal to all Libyans to understand that the Libyan government is determined to apply the Islamic law. Those who accept these crimes and yet do not consider themselves responsible for them are mistaken because we are judged by actions not words. The government is trying to handle the security issue in Derna with care to prevent bloodshed, but unfortunately blood is being shed daily,” he added.