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Israeli newspaper: The land of Palestine is not ours

According to Safa News

Agency, the Hebrew language newspaper Yated Ne’eman, which is affiliated with the United Torah Judaism movement, published an unprecedented article on Thursday morning that generated scathing criticism from other Jewish parties, under the title: “This land is not registered in the Land Registry for the people of Israel”.

United Torah Judaism is a Jewish orthodox movement founded by Rabbis Elazar Shach and Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky that is strongly opposed to Zionism; however, Yated Ne’eman usually focuses on news related to the religious community rather than politics.

The article in question posed the following query: “The pressing question is: to whom does this land belong?” To which the author argued that: “We should not make a mistake; this land is not registered in the Land Registry in the name of the Israeli people and the Jewish people have no legal claim to this land, so this land is owned by others.”

The author quoted, in particular, a member of the Knesset for the Jewish Home Party, Moti Yogev, who also asked: “We must first and foremost answer the pressing question: who are the owners of this land?” during a speech about the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations.

The author said that only some parts of this land, but not all, belong to the Jewish people.

In the wake of the publication of this article, the newspaper came under a barrage of harsh criticism by other Jewish parties for the article’s content, on the basis that the newspaper’s editors were serving Hamas’s agenda through publishing such an article.

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