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Israelis storm Al-Aqsa Mosque and injure dozens of Palestinians

Dozens of Palestinian worshippers were wounded on Sunday morning when Israeli police fired stun grenades and rubber bullets towards them in Al-Aqsa Mosque. The media coordinator for Al-Aqsa Foundation for Religious Endowments and Islamic Heritage, Mahmoud Abu Atta, said that countless Israeli forces stormed the mosque from the Mughrabi Gate and assaulted the Muslims at prayer inside.

“The Israeli police fired volleys of stun grenades and rubber bullets,” said Abu Atta. “Among all the injuries, at least one young man was seriously wounded in the head during the assault.” He pointed out that the Israeli police prevented students from reaching their religious lessons inside the mosque. The students then staged an impromptu protest outside the Hettan and Al-Majlis Gates.

“Some Muslims spent the night in the mosque while others arrived during the dawn prayers and stayed to protect the site following calls from the Temple organisations to celebrate the Jewish Purim festival there” added Abu Atta.

Jewish settlers have called for an escalation of incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque, urging people to storm the site so that they can celebrate the Jewish Passover there in the middle of April. The Al-Aqsa Foundation reported that Israeli forces had a high security presence outside the gates of the sanctuary and in the alleys of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Foundation warned of the fierce Israeli campaign against Al-Aqsa and other Islamic and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem. It called upon Islamic, Arab and Palestinian organisations to take urgent action to protect and save the mosque, Jerusalem and Islamic and Christian holy sites from the ravages of the Israeli occupation.

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