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Haniyeh rejects resettlement of Palestinians in Jordan

Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh said on Sunday that his government rejects the resettlement of Palestinian refugees within Jordan, or any other country.

Haniyeh’s remarks came as he was paying a visit to the Jordanian Military Hospital set up in the wake of Israel’s massive assault on Gaza in 2008/2009, what Israel calls “Cast Lead Operation”.

The PM hailed the position of Jordanian King Abdullah II, as he also strongly rejects the idea of resettling Palestinians in Jordan. “Both nations, Jordan and Palestine, share the same history and present,” Haniyeh said. “Jordanians have sacrificed their blood for the Palestinians.”

“Palestinians have no alternative land for Palestine,” he said, “we will not accept resettlement or compensation or any other project aimed to liquidate the Palestinian cause. This is our plan: to face the American-Israeli conspiracy against Palestinians and our sister Jordan.”

Haniyeh reiterated that this is the official position of his movement Hamas.

He praised Jordan’s hosting of Palestinian refugees since 1948 and its efforts to defend Jerusalem, holding continuous guardianship over the holy city and confronting Israel’s Judiasation projects. He also noted that King Abdullah II was the first one to donate blood to the Palestinians in Gaza.

While touring the hospital, Haniyeh hailed its staff and their efforts to help the Palestinians by offering distinctive services.

The Jordanian leader of the hospital staff, Colonel Muttaleb Omar Bin Tarif, explained the nature of the services and the mechanisms for offering them to the Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip. He expressed pride for being part of a service mission to Jordan’s “Palestinian brothers”.

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