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Egypt's Al-Sisi accused of killing 299 students within 10 months

The total number of students killed by Egyptian security agencies since the July 3 coup until April 15 has reached 299, according to the revolution database website Wiki Thawra.

In the 10-months period since the July 3 military coup against the democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi, the de facto leaders of the interim regime Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and president Adly Mansour have overseen the extrajudicial killing of 299 school and university students, and the arbitrary arrest of 3657 others.

The above number includes 193 adult males, and 6 adult females, 96 male minors and 4 female minors.

Approximately 19 students have been killed on campus or in the vicinity of university buildings.

Furthermore, fatalities among high school students included 37 students.

The report indicated that the month of August has witnessed most killings, with 144 students killed, mostly during the violent dispersal of the Rabaa and Nahda sit-ins.

Al-Azhar University has witnessed most student fatalities, with 73 students killed since July 3, followed by Cairo University where 25 students have been shot dead either on campus or in its vicinity.

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