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Hamas welcomes Christians' refusal to serve in Israel army

May 10, 2014 at 2:31 pm

A member of Hamas political bureau Izzat Al-Risheq has welcomed the position of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in occupied Jerusalem who has refused the recruitment of Palestinian Christians into the Israeli occupation army.

In a press release Al-Risheq said that all Palestinians, with all political views and religious backgrounds, are against the idea that their sons serve in the army occupying their country, confiscating their land and judaising their holy places.

“Muslim and Christian Palestinians have the same position towards the defence of their country and their holy place,” the press release said, “as they endure the same suffering.”

Al-Risheq warned of any measures leading to normalising ties with the Israeli occupation. He pointed out that “the upcoming visit of the Maronite Patriarch Bashara al-Ra’ee to the Zionist state will have negative consequences since it is bearing political dimensions serving the occupation.”

The Hamas official called for maintaining a united Christian position that refuses the Israeli occupation and its “aggressive” policies. He said that there is a consensus among all Palestinians over refusing the normalisation of ties with the occupation.

He reiterated that any visit protected by the Israeli occupation to Jerusalem or Palestine under Israeli control does not serve the Palestinians and their cause. “The Israeli occupation is the prime beneficiary,” he said.