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Yadlin to the Times of Israel: Israel should consider intervening in Syria

The former head of Israel's military intelligence (Aman) has stated that Israel must consider intervening in Syria, noting that the Israeli leadership remain undecided regarding the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad; although his removal would be in Israel's interest.

In an interview with the online newspaper 'Times of Israel', the Former Aman director Amos Yadlin said that the ouster of Bashar would affect Israel's security: "It may make life more difficult for the brigade commander on the Golan or for the division commander responsible for guarding the border. But from the point of view of the prime minister's office and the defence ministry, [Assad's ouster] would be a very positive strategic development," he told the Israeli news site.

"The Sunnis who are being killed as we speak will never join a coalition with Iran and Hezbollah, and it is extremely important to weaken this radical axis. [Hezbollah chief] Hassan Nasrallah himself says that if Assad goes it will be a great victory for Israel and the US. And he is right," Yadlin added.

According to Yadlin, Israel's action would stem from humanitarian and "moral" motives, not just strategic, military ones. "If Israel discovers that Assad is using chemical weapons against his people in mass attacks, it should intervene militarily," he added.

He went on to state Israel's "red lines" that includes; Syria launching missiles attack against Israel , providing Hezbollah with advanced military arms including chemical weapons and finally noting that "the murder of civilians" should be added to the red lines that would determine whether Israel intervenes in Syria.

"If Assad woke up one day to discover that all his helicopters that drop exploding barrels were gone; then the next day his navy has vanished; then the following day the security headquarters were attacked; he would realise that there's a price to pay for his actions," Yadlin said. "He needs to understand that he loses something every night that passes."

He expressed his opposition to a ground operation, saying that if Israeli launched air strikes against Assad it would guarantee that no advanced weapons would reach Al-Qaeda's fighters.

Yadlin advised Israel to carry out operations that would change Assad's behaviour and his perception of the situation. Israel would have the support of Arab countries if it decides to intervene in Syria, he told Times of Israel.

Yadlin also called on Nato to impose a no-fly zone over Syria, fire from afar at strategic targets of Assad's regime, and open "humanitarian corridors" for the passage of aid to the Syrian people.


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