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The clash of the three speeches

Over a period of 24 hours after the official announcement of retired Field Marshal, the leader of the coup, Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi’s victory in the farcical elections, he gave a very brief recorded speech to the Egyptian people in which he thanked them. He also thanked the other candidate, Hamdeen Sabahi, as he gave the sham elections legitimacy because he provided a competitive atmosphere, according to Al-Sisi. It is as if there were real elections or a real competition; it was nothing but a farcical pre-determined play in which the roles were determined beforehand.

It doesn’t matter anymore because all of the farces and misguidances that have happened and continue to happen are being witnessed by the world and are known to them. Therefore, Al-Sisi will not be able to beautify or spruce up the current situation and government or apply make-up to hide its ugliness, even by trying to legitimise its existence by means of sham elections that only six per cent of the people participated in, while the free and honourable Egyptians boycotted them.

As for the second speech, it was made by the puppet president appointed by the coup leader. He considered this speech to be his farewell speech and therefore, his speech needed crocodile tears, sobbing, and he needed to express the separation anxiety he’s suffering and distress over leaving, and he played his role very well, exactly as he was instructed to. He was the best puppet brought to mankind.

As for the third speech, it was given by the legitimately elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. He saluted and encouraged the Egyptian people who boycotted the sham elections, as well as the demonstrators who have continued to protest for 10 months and are still as determined as ever. The brutal government was not able to oppress them and its violence did not affect their peaceful resistance of the coup. Morsi also ordered them not to stray from their peaceful path, as it is the path to victory, and he believes that God will make them victorious.

Morsi said that he knows the road has been difficult and rough, but God has chosen people who can defend the January 25 Revolution and who can regain the revolution from those who have stolen and violated it. He said he has tried to resist corruption, sometimes by means of the law, and sometimes through revolutionary means, and admits that sometimes he was right, while others he was wrong. However, he insists that he never betrayed the people’s trust.

It was important for President Morsi’s speech to be leaked from prison at this difficult time and for him to be present during this moment in time, especially shortly before the leader of the coup is sworn in as the Egyptian president, in order for him to remind the Egyptians and the entire world that the real Egyptian president is still present but has been kidnapped and prohibited from carrying out the duties he was tasked with by the people. This speech confused the coup leaders and their supporters, and this was clearly reflected in their comments on television yesterday, as they were wondering how he was able to leak this speech while in prison under 24-hour surveillance. Their confusion and turmoil was apparent to all.

It is amazing that this deposed president who possesses nothing but his belief in God and his trust in the Egyptian people and who is trapped in a brutal prison is still able to scare coup leaders who possess power, an arsenal of weapons, militias, a lying media and a brigade of corrupt judges. The coup leader claims he was chosen by the people, but anyone who looks at him could tell he is afraid; it is as if the joy that would normally be apparent on a person’s face after winning an election was drained from him.

It is God who prevented him from feeling the joy and happiness of winning the seat he stole and sat on while covered in the blood of the Egyptian people, sitting on their pure remains. This will haunt him forever. We congratulate him on winning this seat that will remain damned by God and the people, and congratulations to all the countries that supported him and placed him on the throne, they will also be damned by his curse sooner or later. Tomorrow is only a day away.


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