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Libya: Nationwide protests against Haftar's operation

Thousands of Libyans took part in protests in six cities on Friday against the Karama Operation led by retired general Khalifa Haftar in Benghazi, Anadolu reported.

The protests were held in the cities of Tripoli (north), Benghazi (east), Misrata (center), Gheryan (northwest), Al-Khums (north), and Sabha (south).

The protests, titled “the decisive Friday”, also came in support for the Operation Libyan Dawn, led by revolutionary militants in Misrata and Tripoli who are seeking to regain control of Tripoli’s International Airport.

The protesters chanted against Haftar’s forces and the MPs who took part in parliament sessions in Tobruk city. They called for respecting the 2011 constitutional declaration which stipulates that the parliament should be based in Benghazi.

The majority of MPs had earlier decided to hold their sessions in Tobruk, which they believed to be safer than Tripoli and Benghazi.

Pro-Haftar Libyans occasionally stage protests in support for his operation, which he began on 16 May; allegedly to fight terrorist groups. The government have considered Haftar’s operations as a coup d’état.


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