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Gaza's only power plant ready to work pending fuel supply

The only power plant in Gaza is now ready to work pending the delivery of fuel supply needed to operate it, CEO of Gaza Electricity Company Walid Sayel said in a press conference Saturday.

The power plant has stopped working completely after being shelled by Israeli warplanes during the latest Israeli onslaught on Gaza which lasted for 51 days.

According to Sayel, the company has received promises from the Palestinian presidency in Ramallah to provide it with fuel in the coming few days.

He pointed out that the damages in the plant have been fixed and that it's ready to function as soon as the fuel arrives.

Sayel called on Turkey to subsidise the power plant in Gaza, pointing out that the idea of a Turkish fuel ship at the moment is "impossible" to be approved by Israel.

The Turkish minister of energy had said that his country is ready to send a floating 100 megawatt power plant to Gaza after obtaining the necessary permits.

The Gaza Strip needs 360 megawatt power to accommodate the needs of its citizens. But it only has 200 megawatts available.

For years, the residents of the Gaza Strip (at least 1.9 million), have been suffering daily power cuts for up to eight hours. In the case of running out of fuel, the power cuts extended to 12 hours a day.

Gaza depends on three sources for its electricity supply, firstly from Israel which supplies it with 120 megawatts, then Egypt which supplies 28 megawatts, and thirdly the Gaza power plant, which supplies between 40 and 60 megawatts.


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