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Israeli comptroller to probe ministers' decisions during Gaza war

Israeli State Control Committee Chairman Amnon Cohen yesterday ordered the State Comptroller Yosef Shapira to probe the government and security cabinet's decisions during and after the war on the Gaza Strip.

The probe is to concentrate on issues relating to the resistance's tunnels.

During the control committee hearing held yesterday, Cohen said that members of the Israeli security cabinet were fully aware of the tunnel threat before the start of the war.

Israeli army radio said that Cohen ordered the comptroller to look into allegations that cabinet members leaked secret information to the press during the war.

In a statement, Shapira said last month he would launch a full-scale investigation into the military and political Israeli leadership's actions during the war. The decision was triggered by claims that Israel violated international law during the war.

During the same hearing, the Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya'alon accused members of the security cabinet of contacting field officers during the war in order to get sensitive information.

Israeli TV Channel 1 reported him saying that it is not allowed for any minister to get information about the battle from the officers. He also criticised ministers who met with acting forces during the war without getting the necessary permissions.

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