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The blood stained general is at the UN

September 25, 2014 at 4:37 pm

He was afraid of the protests from the opposition outside the United Nations building, so he changed the date of his speech, giving it a day before schedule, so the world wouldn’t see the large crowds of Egyptians living in America who are opposed to his military coup and his presence on American soil. He brought along a brigade of immoral journalists and thousands of his Egyptian supporters so they would throw him a traditional party and welcome him during his visit in which he aimed to gain the legitimacy he lacks in Egypt from the international community. He didn’t forget to mention the drummers and musicians in his speech, as he saluted them and acknowledged the fact that they had come all the way from Egypt. As if it wasn’t enough that he rallied the Egyptian Coptic Church abroad in America and Canada to welcome him and support him, as well as the Jewish community in America which also gathered to be part of this fake welcome party.

All of this, as well as the content of his speech, indicates that there is still something on the inside that is bothering him and keeping him up at night. He feels that he lacks legitimacy and was unable to seize it by means of his brutal coup against democracy and the democratic path that the Egyptian people chose after the January 25 Revolution. We noticed this because he kept saying: “I am here representing the entire Egyptian nation.”

The general went to the United Nations to get international recognition from the UN. He was actually representing the counter-revolution in the Arab region that witnessed Arab Spring revolutions. His words were no different than the words of Bashar Al-Assad; it was as if he were speaking for him. Most of his speech was dedicated to attacking the Muslim Brotherhood, without mentioning their name; instead, he was content with referring to them as the terrorism practiced in Egypt since the 1920s. He used this term in an attempt to falsify Egypt’s history and provoke the countries of the world against the Brotherhood in order for them to be put it in the same category as the Islamic State (ISIS) so they could be fought during the war on terrorism. He played on their emotions by saying that the Brotherhood has been trying to establish an Islamic Caliphate State, a term which has become a scarecrow for the West, since the 1920’s.

This reveals the obsession he has with the Muslim Brotherhood. Even after he imprisoned all of its leaders and killed or wounded thousands of its members, he is still afraid of them and is calling on the international alliance to fight them inside Egypt. He then claims that Egypt has national independence; what kind of national independence is this?

It was he who demanded that the world confront extremism and terrorism with democracy, but then he is the one who eliminated democracy in Egypt and excluded a major element of the Egyptian society, preventing them from participating in political life. He also claimed that no one is excluded in Egypt, but this is a lie he wants to sell to the West, just as he promoted it in Egypt, and sadly, many naïve Egyptians believed this. However, the West isn’t naïve enough to believe the lies told by this murderer.

Since Palestine was violated and seized in 1948, this is the first time an Egyptian leader attends the United Nations General Assembly and does not mention the Palestinian issue in his speech. This is considered part of the leaders’ speech etiquette, but it seems that Al-Sisi follows another speech etiquette that includes praising Israel, which put him in power and sent its community to welcome him. Therefore, it was Al-Sisi’s duty to not only salute them, but do one better and ignore the Palestinian cause altogether.