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The programme of displacing Arabs continues with the Hathout family the latest victim

November 4, 2014 at 12:22 pm

The Israeli occupation authorities continue to carry out their programme of displacing Arab citizens in the city of Acre, where the government housing companies have been targeting real estate owned by Palestinian refugees in the old town and turning these properties into settlement projects to Judaize the city, Arabs48 news website reported on Monday.

For several months now, the city of Acre, specifically the old city, has seen evacuation orders being issued to Arab families who have lived in their homes for decades, under the pretext that they have broken into these houses and altered the way they look from the inside so as to change their “abandoned and deserted” status. Orders are then issued demanding that the Arab families evacuate their houses because they are now owned by the state.

The Israeli housing companies’ arguments, which are backed by court decisions, also include the claim that many Arabs in Acre do not pay their rents to justify the programme adopted by the authorities to evacuate and displace the Arab population from the heart of the old city of Acre, in addition to obscuring the historic Arab monuments there.

In the context of implementing this programme, Arabs48 reported that a number of workers from the Amidar company, under the protection of a large police force and border guards, evacuated the Hathout family from their home on Monday after a decision was made by the Magistrate’s Courtstating that the house is now owned by Amidar.