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50 rabbis call for storming the Aqsa platform

A group of 50 rabbis affiliated with an extremely right-wing Zionist movement have signed a petition calling for the storming of Al-Aqsa the day after tomorrow.

A number of right-wing groups published statements on their websites yesterday evening claiming that this petition comes in the wake of what they described as “terrorist events in Jerusalem and pointing the finger of blame on those who ascend to the Temple Mount [Al-Aqsa]”.

The petition signed by the rabbis said: “One of the important ways in which we can demand our right to the Temple Mount is to ascend the Temple Mount. We believe that our presence in the Temple Mount is guided by pure and traditional Jewish teachings and laws and we are proud to uphold these values as we ascend to the mountain of purity.”

The most prominent rabbis to sign the petition are Dov Lior, Nahum Rabinovitch and Ram Hacohen. Some of these religious figures have issued religious rulings ordering the killing of Arabs. The petition considered the murder of right-wing Jewish activist Yehuda Glick “a catalyst that will continue to promote Jewish ascension to the Temple Mount”.

Many other rabbis and politicians have vocalised their support for Jewish extremists who participate in storming Al-Aqsa and its courtyards.

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