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Israel destroys 1,000 Arab houses in Negev

In an unprecedented measure, Israeli authorities have destroyed 1,000 Arab houses in Negev throughout 2014, Anadolu news agency has reported.

“Israeli security institutions destroyed Arab houses in order to put pressure on Arabs to leave their lands,” said Usama al-Uqaibi, the head of the Islamic Movement in South Israel. “They destroy the Palestinians and their properties,” he added.

Al-Uqaibi reiterated that the Palestinians in Negev would continue their resistance and remain in their land. “Palestinians will not let the occupation control thousands of dunhams to build settlements,” he said.

Israeli authorities have destroyed complete Arab villages and neighbourhoods across the Negev claiming they were illegal. However, Arabs have been living in those residential compounds since before the occupation started in 1948.

The Islamic Movement is a political party established in 1971. Although it is close in its principles to the Muslim Brotherhood, according to its charter it works within the limits of Israeli law.

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