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Benkirane: Most Arab leaders plan to get rid of Islamic parties

Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane said on Tuesday that most of the Arab leaders are planning to get rid of the Islamist movements in their countries, Arabi 21 reported.

Benkirane, leader of the Islamist Justice and Development Party, was speaking in a closed meeting for the parliamentarians of his party in Rabat.

"The reason behind this is that those leaders are depending on power," he said. "Therefore, a number of these Islamist parties do not see coexistence chances with these leaders."

With regards to the success of the government, he said: "In the first year, we worked amidst crises and remained patient. In the second year, there was a kind of confusion, but in the third year, the government is no more in need to speak about its achievements because they are very clear."

Regarding the opposition, he said: "I feel strange regarding their manoeuvres in the different issues. They will not succeed because they are not ready to come together." He reiterated that winning the elections is a result of "trustful" political positions, not based on "just technical issues."

The Islamist prime minister said that his party did not come to "win a battle or lose another," it came "just to reform." He added: "This is a message. It is a fruit of a tree which has its roots in the Moroccan civilisation."

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