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'From Ramallah to al-Naqab' - Remembering the Fallen

January 21, 2015 at 2:04 pm

Palestine has been forced to continue to pay tribute to fallen martyrs as the Occupation has this week claimed more victims in the same week that marked the passing of 40 days since the killing of PA minister-without-portfolio Ziad Abu Ein.

In accordance with tradition commemorative events were held in Palestine to mark the 40th day since the killing of Ziad Abu Ein. Ramallah Cultural Palace was full for an official commemorative event at which various speakers recalled their memories of Abu Ein and his dedication to the Palestinian struggle. Ziad Abu Ein was killed by Israeli forces whilst taking part in an olive tree planting popular resistance event in the Ramallah village of Turmasiya on 10th December. Amongst the many dignitaries at the commemorative event were various PLO leaders, Palestinian religious leaders and internationals including former Vice President of the European Parliament Luisa Morgantini.

The killing of two Palestinians in the Naqab in recent days has sparked widespread strikes amongst ‘Palestinian citizens of Israel’. On January 14th, Sami al-Jaar was shot dead by Israeli police during an arrest raid. His funeral was attended by thousands in the city of Rahat on Sunday. As mourners marched through Rahat during the funeral Israeli police opened fire with volleys of tear gas which killed one mourner, 47 year old Sami al-Zayadna.

Following these two killings, protest strikes spread across 1948-occupied Palestine and in Ramallah groups of mainly young activists attempted to hold solidarity events. In stark contrast to the strong showing of PLO leaders and other figures commemorating Ziad Abu Ein’s killing, the activists were given no official support when they took to the streets of Ramallah to show solidarity with the martyrs in the Naqab.

One activist  in Ramallah carried a defiant banner as she stood amongst a small group of activists without a ‘political leader’ in sight: ‘From Ramallah to al-Naqab – We are one people and no-one will break us’.