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Yemen's former president accused of plotting with Houthis

Popular Committees in Aden, south Yemen, have accused the country’s Special Security Services of carrying out a “dangerous conspiracy”, including the handing over of Yemeni cities and camps in Aden to the Houthis and militias loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

According to the committees, it has become very clear that all that has happened in Yemen recently was the result of cooperation between the Houthis and Saleh, who still enjoys the support of many army officers.

In a media statement, the Popular Committees said that the ouster of the president and prime minister, as well as the Constitutional Declaration made by the Houthis, “undermined all political and international efforts made to develop the political process.” Such measures, the statement added, also undermined the last chance for what the committees termed “unity”, which had been known only on paper.

“This is a coup against unity and the outcomes of the national dialogue,” the statement concluded. “It bore a clear message to all – there no solution for the south unless by the will of the south.”

Previously, Houthis admitted an alliance with ousted President Saleh and Yemen’s former president declares support for Houthis.

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