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Muslim Brotherhood: Dahlan supporters to increase insecurity on Egypt-Gaza border

A member of the political branch of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, has revealed that they possess information regarding the arrival of a ship to the shores of El-Arish carrying supporters of dismissed Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan.

Hamza Zoba’a, a senior member of the Freedom and Justice Party, claimed that “they were sent to fabricate a crisis with the Gaza Strip.”

In an exclusive statement to Alresalah radio, Zoba’a said that the pro-Dahlan elements will begin fabricating skirmishes on Gaza’s border with Egypt. This will be timed to coincide with an Egyptian media campaign regarding alleged security troubles in the Strip, which would allow the Egyptian army to enter the border area.

He added that this is an attempt to eliminate Hamas, “after Israel failed in eliminating it in three wars that were waged on the Strip.”

“But they are doomed to fail,” he said, noting that Dahlan has “previous experience of failure in Gaza.”

On the Egyptian media’s incitement against Hamas, Zoba’a  said that “the current Egyptian regime has lost its temper eighteen months after the military coup, during which no achievement was recorded – only shedding the blood of Egyptians, incarcerating Muslim Brotherhood leaders in prisons, wasting the Gulf’s assistance funds, and the crisis in Libya. Consequently, it resorts to the demonisation of the Gaza Strip in the media, along with the threat to strike it, as an excuse to get out of these crises.”

He believes that striking Gaza may be a gateway for the Egyptian regime to join the international coalition to strike ISIS “through claiming that it struck members of the organisation in the Strip.”

Zoba’a  added that Hamas has a role to play in the region, noting that it should respond through media and diplomatic campaigns targeted at Arab and European levels in order to pre-empt any step the Egyptian regime may take against Gaza.

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