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Hamas accepts Swiss salary proposal “with reservations”

A member of the Hamas political bureau has said that the movement accepts in principle a Swiss proposal to resolve the crisis facing Palestinian Authority employees in the Gaza Strip. There are, however, some reservations, said Khalil Al-Hayyeh.

Speaking to Resalah news site on Thursday, Hayyeh said that Hamas wants the Swiss proposal to be addressed in the context of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement.

The problem has arisen because the international community will not accept a Palestinian Authority in which there is Hamas participation, even though the Islamic movement won the election in 2006. Hence, it is difficult for international donors to contribute towards the salaries of those workers who have been employed by Hamas in Gaza since 2007.

According to PLO official Azzam Al-Ahmad, the Swiss proposal cannot be applied now. Speaking during a central council meeting last Sunday, he claimed that Hamas will not accept it without their participation in the government. “The international community will not accept a Palestinian government that includes Hamas,” he added, “and we cannot resolve things if Hamas does not commit itself to a Palestinian government and fulfil its obligations.”

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