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Natalie Bennett: Cameron has a responsibility to act on migrant drownings

April 20, 2015 at 11:32 am

As many as 900 migrants are feared to have died in the Mediterranean on Sunday. The death toll for migrants making this treacherous journey in 2015 now stands at 1,500.

Natalie Bennett, leader of The Green Party, has called on David Cameron to take responsibility for the tragedies:

“British foreign policy over decades, and particularly recent military interventions, has played a significant part in creating the instability that has driven so many people from their homes. That puts further responsibility on David Cameron to push for immediate EU action and provide Britain’s share of the necessary resources.”

Bennett has also reiterated calls for additional money to be given to agencies working to save lives in the Mediterranean. The Greens are pledging to spend 1 per cent of GDP on international development.

In addition, Bennett has asked for the EU to be pushed into rebuilding a scheme to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean, and for the government to accept more refugees:

“It’s easy to forget that, behind all of the hard talk on migrants, are people who are desperately fleeing wars, hunger and disease. The next UK Government must accept more refugees from war-torn regions and invest in international policies that build peace and stability across the globe.”