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El-Baradei: Egyptian regime abandoned plan for power transition on 30 June

May 21, 2015 at 1:37 pm

Egypt’s former presidential candidate, Mohamed El-Baradei, said the Egyptian authorities ignored a roadmap put forward by national forces that guaranteed the peaceful transition of power on 30 June 2013.

Speaking at a European Union conference in Florence, Italy, last week, El-Baradei said the plan included five conditions: to hold early presidential elections, provide a decent exit for President Mohamed Morsi, designing an inclusive political system for the country, start a national reconciliation and dialogue process and to resolve sit-ins peacefully.

However, El-Baradei pointed out that the Egyptian authorities ignored the roadmap and resorted to violence to oust Morsi and bring an end to the sit-ins.

“When violence is used instead of dialogue and the concept of justice is missed, there is no place for someone like me,” El-Baradei said.

Political supporters of the Egyptian regime rejected El-Baradei’s remarks considering them “irrelevant” while others demanded he be tried.

A leader of the Constitution Party, co-founded by El-Baradei, Khalid Metwally confirmed E-lBaradei’s claims saying his resignation is clear proof that he opposed the regime’s practices at the time.

Metwally said violating the roadmap led Egypt into this state of division where terror prevails.

“Until today, there is no parliament, because the president wishes to monopolise power for as long as possible to issue more legislations that serve his regime,” he said.