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Petition demands FIFA suspend Israel’s membership

May 28, 2015 at 12:12 pm

An international campaigning community has released a petition calling on the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) to suspend Israel’s membership until it stops its discriminatory policies against the Palestinian people.

Avaaz said the petition comes only 48 hours before FIFA Congress could vote to suspend Israel’s membership for its racism towards Palestinian athletes.

According to organisation, the petition aims to openly reject Israel’s racist and discriminatory policies against the Palestinian people in various areas including sports, where many Palestinian athletes suffer from repressive policies that prevent their freedom of movement and travel.

“We need 75 per cent of Congress members to vote yes for this decision to pass. Let’s urgently call on them to suspend Israel’s membership until it stops the discrimination,” the petition said.

It added: “FIFA’s own rules forbid racism and make it illegal to forcefully use another nation’s soil for matches, yet Israel’s violence and racism towards Palestinian football goes without punishment. Israel is lobbying hard to convince FIFA to refuse the Palestinian request to suspend Israel.”

The organisation urged activists to sign the urgent petition to compel Israel to respect fair play and end discrimination.